Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Personal update: Highs and lows

Time flies...

I'm overjoyed to announce that I'm a proud first time dad...our little one arrived on Feb. 17th, and has kept us busy for the past few weeks, to say the least! Sleep is a more valuable commodity than ever, and every day is full of new discoveries.

There is sadness, too, though -- my dear mom has was just diagnosed yesterday as having cancer once again. It's too soon to know all of the details, those will become apparent in the weeks to come.

My online efforts of late have been promoting a blog I've decided to use as a place to generate interest for my CO2 scrubber project -- where I'm attempting to independently tackle climate change, and to track its progress. You can find this at if you are interested. I've tried to make the main post suitable as a home page, for those who would like to support such an endeavour, with links to some of the more commonly visited places on the web. I'm happy to see that this project page has gained a number of loyal viewers, and their support has demonstrated to me that an effort like this is feasible. I hope to dramatically increase the number of followers, though, as at the current rate it could take a year or more to get off of the ground.