Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poll: How far should I personally go to tackle global warming

Tackling global warming (or emission control, if you prefer) can be a bit of a tall order for an individual.

When analyzing potential solutions, I've tailored them with this goal in mind: to remove 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, sustainably.

It's taken a bit of work, and wouldn't have been possible without "standing on the shoulders of giants". Such a goal now seems reachable, and is not as technologically imposing as it initially seems (Yes, that's 32 tonnes per second). It isn't even as financially imposing as I had once imagined, though a full-scale effort is well beyond my pocketbook at the moment.

How far do you think I should take my efforts?

Please feel free to add your own comments, below.

Next question: What's your opinion on global warming?

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