Monday, January 19, 2009

Fatherhood just around the corner

Time is a funny thing.

The past several months have passed by of their own volition -- some quickly, some not so much.  The first couple of months went by slowly in light of waiting to let family and friends in on our exciting secret.  The next few passed by in a bit of a blur -- "Do we have everything we need?  What do we need to know?".  Now we're down to the last few weeks, and we're about as ready as we're going to be...time has slowed down once again, waiting for our new arrival.

Needless to say, all the while most other things have been secondary, blogging included.  (Of course once the baby is here, we'll have nothing but free time ;)

I'm told that regardless of how prepared you are, everything changes when your newborn arrives...I'm expecting this, but of course I won't know just how much things will change until I'm in the thick of it.  I simply hope that I can be half the parent that my parents were to me -- if so, I'll count my lucky stars.

It's many people seem to have an aversion to finding out in advance whether you'll have a boy or a girl.  "You'll spoil the surprise", they often say.  Really, though, you'll be surprised regardless, the moment you find out, whether it's a birth or ahead of the scheme of things, there are so many other surprises that are far more interesting.  What colour will their hair and eyes be?  What will they look like?  What music will they like?  Will they be interested in arts?  Academics?  What will their first word be, and when will they learn to walk?  Will they be healthy?  The list goes on and least knowing the answer to the boy/girl question gives you a head start on getting to know your little one, and able to pick up a few non-gender-neutral knicknacks along the way.

And ah, yes, there will be toys...there will definitely be toys.

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