Friday, March 14, 2008

Leonard Cohen World Tour

I admit it, I'm a Leonard Cohen fan.

As such, the news article ( announcing that more dates had been planned for his world tour in eastern Canada caught my eye.

World tour?! He hasn't been on tour in 15 years or more! My excitement was short lived, though -- a quick check on ticketmaster and a moment browsing the forums on his site ( indicate that western Canada isn't on the map for the tour.

He is around 74 now, though, so I must say that I appreciate that he's going on tour at all. Good for him. It sounds like the cost of tickets is in the $200 range, too -- not the cheapest, but worth it to catch a piece of history if it's in your area. With his often deep, slow, methodic style, I'd imagine that his performance will benefit with age -- maturing like a fine wine.

Time to dust off his tracks for my mp3 player, I suppose!

Meanwhile, if I hear of any dates being announced on the tour that will take place out here, I'll post an update. (Hey, if you hear such an announcement, please let me know!)

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